Data Security

Data security is of the utmost importance to Bchex - A BIB Company. All procedures and practices follow strict data security protocols.

Bchex follows all applicable laws for dissemination of information. Information accessed within our office is limited to those employees who need access in order to carry out their job responsibilities. All electronic documents associated with your account are stored in password-protected systems behind industry standard firewalls along with other security controls. Any non-electronic documentation, printouts or reports related to your account including applicant data are shredded and recycled on-site by an industrial security and document destruction firm. Access to offices is monitored, controlled and secured.

Our systems are configured with data encryption using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and up to 128 bit encryption technologies to enhance security when you visit secured areas of our website. SSL is the standard tool for protecting and maintaining the security of message transmissions over the Internet. When you access your accounts or send information from secured pages, encryption will scramble your data into an unreadable format to reduce the chance of unauthorized access by others.